Message from the CEO

Have a great effect on society, without being affected by economic conditions.

代表取締役 山本 泰大

    Japan's primary account balance is in a dire state, and the country is facing a hard landing in the near future under the stress of a drastically declining population.
    I believe that Japan will face a great financial crisis and rise up again riding a new wave of innovation and economic renewal. Much like how the Meiji Restoration brought sweeping economic change throughout Japan, I believe that we must view this coming crisis as an opportunity and begin preparations so that we can seize the opportunity when it arises.
    The economy is effectively a collection of individual sentiments, and in that sense it is a living creature. As an organism, it must go through periods of expansion and decline. We believe that Japan’s large conglomerates such as Mitsubishi and Mitsui, which have rich histories and have consistently exerted a large impact on Japanese society, must be in a state such that they are not heavily influenced by macroeconomic trends. As part of our responsibility to society, we think that we must create a defensive business structure that can shield itself against economic swings and succeed in any environment via solid cash flows.
    Accordingly, we aim to “have a large effect on society, without being affected by economic conditions”. With this mantra in mind, we will move forward.

Representative Director Tao Yamamoto

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