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Company name SYG Inc.
The building which HQ is in.
Address The Kanda 282 6F/7F (Reception 7F), 2-15-9 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047
Contact information Telephone:+81 03-3526-2300
Email: See contact form
Established September 13, 2006
Capital 265.37 million yen (excluding capital reserves)
Executive officers Representative Director: Tao Yamamoto
Outside Director: Hajime Hirose (CEO, Buzz Element Sdn. Bhd.)
Outside Director: Kenko Nagai (Investment department, Nissay Capital Co., Ltd.)
Outside Director: Tetsuya Nakata (Principal, Tetsuya Nakata Tax Preparation Office)
Stockholders Founder’s another company (Tao Yamamoto)
Nissay Capital Co., Ltd. (via investment fund)

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September 2006 Established Joho Planet Inc. to provide system development.
February 2012 Moved office to Taito-ku, Tokyo from Mitaka, Tokyo.
March 2012 Changed the trade name from Joho Planet Inc. to Synclogue. Changed the business model from system development to obtaining patents related to Windows.
March 2013 Establsihed Synclogue International, subsidary.
May 2013 Establsihed MOLCURE, affiliated company.
August 2014 Moved HQ to Taito-ku, Tokyo from Mitaka, Tokyo.
Website "Vera" was lanuched to provide information for women.
October 2015 Dissolved Synclogue International.
December 2015 Changed the trade name from Synclogue to SYG. We increased our business field from obtaining patents. Moved HQ to Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo from Taito-Ku, Tokyo.
September 2016 Establsihed customlife, joint venture.
October 2016 Established SYG Finance.
January 2017 Established Rockvill, subsidary.
May 2017 Esablished SYG Commerce, Inc., subsidary.
January 2018 Moved HQ witihn Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
February 2018 Esablsihed Vera, subsidary.
April 2018 Esablished SYG System partners, subsidary.

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