KENJA GLOBAL(賢者グローバル) 株式会社SYG 山本泰大

Our Services

Product/Service Development and Management

We develop and manage a wide range of products and services, and we handle all elements of the process, from planning to operations.
We place high value on the internal development of new businesses, and we actively encourage our employees to submit new business plans.

Outsourced software development

We provide high quality software development services by utilizing our extensive IT experience. We propose optimal solutions to clients in a flexible and time-sensitive manner.

Joint business investment

We collaborate with outside companies across all stages of development to build new businesses, while finding the optimal mix of resources from each party to maximize profitability.
We are able to achieve optimal results by capitalizing on our strengths and taking advantage of cross-company synergies.

Marketing consulting

We search for optimal solutions for each of our clients, beginning at the earliest planning stages. We choose the most appropriate marketing method from available channels such as digital advertisements or SEO to provide support for our client’s marketing strategy.

Investment / M&A

We actively invest in companies that we think will be strategically important in the future. We also invest in stable revenue sources both domestically and abroad, such as companies with high growth potential or profitability, or securities.