Sales Promotion Business Domain

Support from planning strategy to operations.

    We analyze our clients products and services in detail and provide clients with advertisement strategy plan. We, not only provides strategy plan but also purchase advertising spot, perform and improve WEB advertisement operations, on behalf of clients. Our strong point is that we can perform marketing operation from beginning to end.

Support from planning advertisement strategy to operations.

    In order to provide clients with advertisement strategy we investigate and research our clients service and products first. Advertisement strategy has huge influence on grand design, so we recommend to our customer to let us involve in from planning phase of products or services. Advertisements strategy which we propose includes both WEB and non-WEB based advertisements.
    In strategy execution phase, we also purchase advertising spot on behalf of clients. Not only this, espaciall programmatic advertising, such as SNS advertising, listing adverts, etc., we can contribute to clients benefit by going through PDCA cycle facter, compated to other companies who outsource their tasks, because we have our own production team and operation team.

Class leading performance on SEO and listing adverts.

    We have several owned media, and achieve high performance on SEO and listing adverts which are essential in advertising funnel. For example, we possess a lot of important key words, which lead to clients sales, and in specific market segments, the number of important key words which we have is No. 1. Because of our high performance, we contribute to clients benefit largely, and our relationship with clients tends to be long.

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